Every young dancer wants to look perfect at a dance competition, because they know that a good first impression is half the battle. Whether you are just starting out or already excelling on the dance floor, you will find a wide collection of dancewear in the Vicante online shop. Tournament outfits for boys can perfectly complement the whole character of the dance you are performing. You can choose a classic outfit for the standard or something more original for Latin American dances. There should be no end to your imagination when choosing the right outfits! A well-fitting outfit helps young dancers to perform intricate routines and also builds their confidence during a dance tournament.
What can you find in the assortment?.
In the assortment of our shop you can find training outfits and tournament outfits, as well as whole sets of clothes and interesting accessories. The first category you should visit is training outfits for boys. Here you will mainly find elastic sports T-shirts in white, black and blue and loose black trousers that ensure comfort even during very gruelling and long training sessions. Feeling good during workouts is a big part of success, so the more breathable and flexible the outfit, the better. The second category worth mentioning is tournament outfits for boys. Here you will find classic white or black bodycon shirts, dark-coloured waistcoats and loose and elegant black trousers. The entire set of tournament clothes, together with the accessories, looks great in the spotlight.
What are our products made of?.
Only fabrics of the highest quality and durability are used in the production of our clothes. In our boys’ clothing collection you will find clothes made of velour, satin, cotton and viscose, which have cool comfort properties. During intensive dance competitions, the comfort associated with heat and sweat wicking is maintained at the highest level. In addition, the creases caused by the large number of tournament dances and those associated with storage and transport to the competition site are not visible. In our shop’s assortment you will find clothing for boys in various sizes from very small to large, so you can easily adjust the individual pieces of clothing to the boy’s figure. You will find a wide range of accessories such as a fabric trouser belt, cotton collars, elegant bow ties, cufflinks and pillowcases to complete the whole look. In addition, you can purchase entire sets of 3 coloured T-shirts and tournament or training shirts and trousers. Buying a set is a very convenient solution, as the individual pieces will match in colour. If your child is going to a dance tournament, be sure to keep them comfortable and feel good about themselves, and the perfect styling can help them do just that.
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