Many years of experience, consultation with top dancers and trainers
resulted in a product that meets all expectations. Modern
and continuously developed technology, following global trends, specialised materials and
comfort of use are the signature of Vicante brand tailcoats and jackets.

tail suit

1200 £/ 1000 £

tail suit

1300 £/ 1100 £

Fabric: our special fabric imported from Italy (connection of cotton and elastane)
Bindings: (collar, button, pocket): Black Satin Magnus
Tail suit premium is made of our special fabric with very dark and intensive black colour. Thanks to
connection with bindings from black satin magnus it highlights the perfect look on the dancefloor.
Light fabric and innovative solution gives the full comfort of use and dance.
Fabric: Black Elastic Velvet
Bindings (collar, buttons, pocket): Black Satin Magnus
Tail suit platinum makes every dancer very visible on the dancefloor. It is very popular in this season
and very often used by the best dancers in the world for final rounds or during most important
It gives extremely good look and elegance, making every dancer visible on the dancefloor.



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Option 1

We book a date for 1 day fitting in our shop in Spennymoor. We send you the measurements card that we ask you to complete and send back to us via email no later than 1 month before the fitting date. When you come to our shop for the fitting, we mark the necessary corrections and after 2-3 weeks we send a ready tail suit to your address.

Option 2

We send you the measurements card that we ask you to complete and send back to us via email. Based on those measurements we prepare a tail suit and send it to you without any in-person fittings. If after you receive a tail suit there is anything that needs to be corrected, you can simply take some photos, mark necessary changes and contact us. We will then make corrections and send the tail suit back to you within a few days.

Option 3

There is a possibility of taking the measurements or having the fittings done during dance competitions that we attend with our stand or pre-arranged visits in dance schools that we will announce on our social media. Contact us to check where we will be next. With this option there is no need to come to our shop in Spennymoor.